Organic wine producers

For organic producers, certification is an important aspect of what they do, it is a way to establish trust quickly and easily, and most importantly, honesty.

Certification assures consumers that what they are getting really is organic. When a producer says they are nearly organic and only put on a couple of roundup sprays a year, they are not organic. Nearly organic is not organic.

Organic growers aim to produce wines that are true to the earth, and to take care of the land we all share. No synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. Instead, organic producers are careful co-creators with nature. We build healthy vines by building healthy soils, and by nurturing a diverse, rich community of plants, soil, insects and microorganisms.

Organic wines are made using only natural products; no synthetic chemical additives are permitted. ​To read more about organic wine making click here.

The wine producers listed on this page are all certified organic, click on the certification icon to see certificate.

ProducerMailSiteCert. bodyEU Cert.ExpiresUS Cert.ExpiresHaNotes
AvondaleEnvelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon26/01/2025Certificate icon17/09/202470
Bosman AdamaEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025
De Grendel WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025
De Toren Private CellarEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025
Hughes Family WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025Certificate icon27
Sophie Germanier Organic Wines
(Sonop Wine Farm)
Envelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon26/03/2025
Certificate icon14/10/2023
Joostenberg WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon21/09/2024Certificate icon20/06/202429.51
Kusafiri WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon25/10/2024
Certificate icon23/07/2024
Kanonkop Wynlandgoed (Laibach/Ladybird Vineyards)Envelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025Certificate icon01/02/2025
Lazanou Organic VineyardsEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/20245.47
Leeuwenkuil Family VineyardsEnvelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon08/06/2023Certificate icon08/04/2023102.78
Leopards Leap WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon18/09/2022
LongridgeEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/202523.00
LowerlandEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/20259.00
Noble Hill Wines PtyEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2026Certificate icon08/03/2024
Org de Rac
Envelope iconGlobe iconCONTROL UNIONCertificate icon17/08/2024Certificate icon16/04/2024
Radford Dale OrganicEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025
Reyneke WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025Certificate icon68.97
Silvermist Organic VineyardsEnvelope iconGlobe iconCERESCertificate icon31/03/20205.85
Solara Wines (Hout Baai Farm near McGregor)Envelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/20257.88
Spier – Spier Home Farm and CellarsEnvelope iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2026Certificate icon31/11/2024
21.67Only Home farm, not whole estate
Springfontein Wine Estate Pty LtdEnvelope iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025Certificate icon24/11/202328.98
Stellar WineryEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025
Upland EstateEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/202446.00
Waterkloof WinesEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/202561.00
Waverly Hills OrganicEnvelope iconGlobe iconEcoCertCertificate icon31/03/2025Certificate icon01/05/202130.00
TOTAL HA709.13